Virtual Orthodontics Monitoring

Monitoring Your Smile, Every Step of the Way

The innovative team at Kristo Orthodontics is always on the leading edge of technology when it benefits our patients’ experience and quality of care.


As a truly patient-centered practice, we utilize advanced virtual monitoring technology to make orthodontic treatment more predictable and convenient than ever before!

Using the revolutionary dental monitoring technology and a mobile app on your phone, your doctor will monitor your orthodontic treatment progress virtually between in-office appointments to ensure tooth movement is perfectly controlled and treatment progress is just as prescribed!


Better communication with your orthodontic team equals faster treatment results!

Advantages of Dental Monitoring

  • You’ll receive the highest quality of care by connecting with your doctor and orthodontic team more frequently about your treatment.
  • Receive weekly feedback on your treatment progress right on your mobile device. If an issue is detected, you will be alerted and provided with timely instructions on next steps.
  • Gain greater control over your treatment to ensure you are perfectly on track to achieve your healthy, confident, beautiful smile just as prescribed.
  • Optimized treatment progressions often lead to fewer in-office visits and shorter overall treatment time. Enjoy less time out of school and away from work, and more time enjoying your favorite activities!

a woman holding a scan box for teeth

Just Three Easy Steps to a Straighter, Healthier Smile

graphic of dental monitoring box with phone in position

Step 1 – Send Us “Selfies” of Your Teeth

When prescribed for your treatment, from the comfort of your home on a set schedule (typically weekly), use your smartphone, a ScanBox, and the secure Dental Monitoring App to connect with your doctor and the Kristo Orthodontics team. In about two minutes time, you will easily send us “selfies” of your teeth sharing the position and alignment of your teeth with your orthodontic team.

graphic of pc with dental graphics within

Step 2 – Your Doctor Reviews Your Progress

Using advanced technology and their orthodontic expertise, your doctor and orthodontic team use your scanned photos to monitor your precise tooth movement, brushing, elastic wear, and more to closely guide every stage of your orthodontic journey to a perfectly straight, beautiful smile.

graphic of man standing on mobile device

Step 3 – Receive Feedback on Next Steps

You’ll have more control over your treatment when you receive timely feedback on your progress, treatment updates, and advice right on your mobile phone. By ensuring you are doing everything possible to keep your treatment on track, the frequency of in-office visits and the overall treatment time often decreases! Plus, in the mobile app you’ll see how your smile is changing every time you take a new scan…how cool is that?

Ready to straighten your smile the smart way?

Request a free consultation today with Kristo Orthodontics! Your consultation will include a free orthodontic exam with photos, x-ray images, and customized information on treatment plans that include virtual dental monitoring technology.