Orthodontics Braces

Does your smile reveal crooked, overlapping, or crowded teeth? Perhaps you have a gap between your teeth or you’ve noticed an uneven bite?


It may be time for braces!


For both kids and adults, orthodontic treatment can help improve your health and confidence. At Kristo Orthodontics, we recommend an initial orthodontic exam for children beginning around age seven, and we care for patients of all ages! No dental referral is necessary, so you can request a consultation whenever you are ready.

Kristo Orthodontics - Braces

Braces and Orthodontic Treatment

For decades, traditional braces have been the treatment of choice to correct an array of dental issues and create beautiful, healthy smiles. And while the physiology of moving teeth hasn’t changed, luckily for you the methods for properly aligning teeth and bites certainly have!


At Kristo Orthodontics, treatment with metal braces includes brackets that are securely bonded to your teeth, connected with a nickel-titanium wire that is held in place with elastic bands. Advances in our treatment methods have made treatment more comfortable than ever. And that hated headgear…it’s a thing of the past! Your bite can be corrected using far less cumbersome methods and appliances.

Benefits of Braces

While the most obvious benefit of braces is nicely aligned, straight teeth, there is a host of health benefits beyond a beautiful smile. Here are some of the top benefits of braces:


  • Braces Help Prevent Gum Disease & Tooth Decay

Crooked and overcrowded teeth are extremely difficult to properly brush and floss. Plaque and bacterial build up can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Correcting the alignment of teeth with braces allows for improved oral hygiene, which decreases your overall risk for oral and gum disease.


  • Braces Improve Jaw and Bone Health

Improper tooth and bite alignment can place hazardous pressure on the teeth, jawbone, tissues, and nerves in your mouth, which can lead to a lifetime of pain and headaches, tooth wear and chipping, and ongoing jaw issues. By correcting bite and tooth alignment with braces, you will eliminate undue stress on your teeth, jaw bone and tissues so you can enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime.


  • Braces Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence

Smiling with confidence can be a game changer for both your personal and professional life. Braces will straighten your teeth, close gaps, improve spacing, and properly align your bite to create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile you are proud to show off. And when you feel better about your oral health and appearance, your self-esteem and confidence increases! Braces don’t just change your teeth, they can change your life.


Next Step Towards a Beautiful Smile

Come visit the team at Kristo Orthodontics for a no-cost consultation today to determine if orthodontic treatment is right for you. Your consultation will include a free orthodontic exam with photos, x-ray images, and customized information on treatment plans.